Investors in people

Investors in people

In January 2016, we were awarded the Investors in People Gold Accreditation, receiving maximum points (100%) on our assessment.

Fast forward to February 2019, and we’re honored and humbled to announce that we have been awarded Investors in People Platinum Accreditation – the first organisation on the North American side of the Atlantic Ocean and within the top 1% of the IIP community who have reached this landmark level.

Since 1991 Investors in People have set the standard for better people management. Joining a community across 75 countries worldwide, SteppingStones’ successful Platinum accreditation is a sign of our ongoing effort to stay up to date with best practice, essential skills and effective structures required to outperform in our industry.

The award is a source of great pride to our company, and shows our dedication to creating the best possible environment for employees so that we in turn can provide the highest level of service to our clients.

What is Investors in People?

Since 1991 Investors in People has set the standard for better people management. The internationally recognised accreditation is held by 14,000 organisations across the world. The standard defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable results.

IIP Performance Measurement

The sixth generation framework which was launched in late 2015, introduced a four stage performance model and nine new indicators based on the features of organisations that consistently outperform industry norms. To achieve Investors in People Platinum, all nine indicators must be achieved at “Developed” “Established” and “Advanced” level and seven of the nine indicators must be achieved at “High Performing” level. The Platinum accreditation is awarded to the top 0.5 percentile of organisations assessed.

IIP Accreditation

With the Investors in People accreditation, we joined a community of over 14,000 organisations across 75 countries worldwide. Successful accreditation against the Investors in People Standard is the sign of a great employer, an outperforming place to work and a clear commitment to sustainability.

IIP Continuous Improvement

Understanding our organisation’s performance against its objectives creates clarity around how and where we can improve. A clearer vision enables us to channel resources more effectively and harness the talent of our people towards achieving our goals.