Staff testimonials

I would recommend SteppingStones Recruitment to anyone. The staff are professional, supportive and committed. Working with Hannah at SteppingStones has been a great success! She was able to place me in a role specific to my field of study in less than 4 weeks. I have been grateful for the opportunity – thank you, SteppingStones Recruitment!
- Patricia Simpson, Human Resources Administrator
The staff at Steppingstones produced speedy results in finding me a new position. They were all very respectful and courteous, always available to answer my questions and concerns, and followed up well. They found employment for me that not only matched my past experience but created an opportunity to further enhance my abilities and broaden my experience.
I was very impressed with Mr. Alister’s fast service the level of professionalism but more the insight knowledge of knowing which job suite your experience, knowledge and expertise. I found him to be very fast in placing you in a job and not just any job that is available but what he feels fit that suits your experience. He is there to guide and prepare you in how to handle the job by giving you valuable tips even after he places you on the job. He is a very friendly individual and he puts you at ease. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others as a recruitment consultant.
- Jannet Hernandez
I decided to take a gap year after completing my associates degree to build my business relationships in Cayman. It was hard at first, however, after getting in contact with SteppingStones it became a breeze. I had the pleasure of working with Hannah Foreman, Rosie Scott and other members of the SteppingStones crew. They took the time out to ensure that my job placement was ideal for me. They are professional and work with you one-on-one to ensure that they are providing the best! I am pleased with the introduction, presentation, follow-ups and the entire experience on a whole. Not only would I recommend SteppingStones but I would definitely use them again.
- Vanessa Burke
I owe a massive, massive thank you to Hannah Foreman and the SteppingStones team! They made securing my dream job fresh out of university such a smooth, easy process. Hannah has been helpful and supportive since day one, from handling the initial application and paperwork to following up three months later to see to how I’ve settled in. I would recommend SteppingStones to anyone looking to start their career!
- Victoria Crawshaw
From the moment I met Rosie, she has always been very helpful and would frequently call to let me know of job openings that I might be interested in and then and there I knew that I was in the capable hands of someone who genuinely cared. I initially started off with contract jobs and whenever I was on the job, she would always contact me to make sure that I was comfortable and provided me with feedback from the client. Rosie was diligent in finding a permanent placement for me and within six months it did happen! The team at SteppingStones is dedicated and passionate about what they do and their service is incomparable. From sending an email to come get my bills to putting together my documents for work permit purposes, everything was done efficiently. If you are someone coming to the Cayman Islands for the first time, and worried about the transition, SteppingStones ensures that you are not left in the dark with this as well! I would definitely recommend SteppingStones to anyone looking to find a job, whilst at the same time developing that personal touch!
- Sasha Singh
After being with the same Company for over 13 years, when it was time for me to move on and find employment elsewhere I was fearful to step out. I reached out to Rosie at SteppingStones and she steered me in the right direction and guided me every step of the way during my recruitment process. SteppingStones were instrumental in the process of me joining a new Company and definitely alleviated the hardships I would have endured, had I done this independently. I am most full of gratitude due to the level of professionalism I experienced through working with them. They are certainly the right kind of people! Thank you SteppingStones!
- Annmarie Levien
Dear Ciara Thank You for an excellent presentation. The students were engaged and their questions were answered. I am particularly appreciative of the information you shared regarding social media. Looking forward to having you share with us in the future. Again, Thank You.
- Carlene Hyatt
Steppingstones, Working with the Steppingstones team was one of the best opportunities I’ve had to date. It has pretty much been a year and I would gladly start it all over again. Though I did not work in their immediate office, they still gave me that sense of belonging, that I was still very much a part of their family. I have met a myriad of great people, gained invaluable experience and learned some life lessons on the way. My gratitude extends beyond words can measure. Steppingstones do not fall short of their name. They will not sink, topple, nor crash instead they stand firm, unparalleled to any other & you be sure you’ll be tremendously helped. I am happy to have contacted such a responsive team & I will always carry their name well.
- Tafari Alleyne- Administrative Assistant, Marketing at Butterfield
SteppingStones were incredibly helpful throughout the entire recruitment process. From reviewing my CV to lining up prospective jobs and giving me interview tips as well as organizing immigration documents together for a work permit, I found them very helpful. They gave me daily status updates and discussed all potential roles before they sent my CV to the client. All communication was open and honest and I felt well-informed during the whole process. Throughout the period, they provided a unique personal touch which is highly appreciated. I would recommend the services of SteppingStones to fellow colleagues in a heartbeat.
- Matthew Volkwyn
Stepping Stones helped me find my perfect job, and were there every step of the way – even meeting me at the airport when I landed! The whole team are friendly and were always checking in to make sure I was happy. I can’t thank them enough for helping me find such a fantastic job and supporting me every step of the way.
- Lauren Tims
Rosie and the team at Steppingstones are professional, diligent and dedicated consultants. Rosie’s expertise and skills have assisted me tremendously in seeking employment and she is one of the best I had the pleasure of working with. I certainly recommend her services to people in need of work but also to employers as her level of service and consideration is truly 5 star
- Juliet Grant – Dart
I would like to Thank You and the team for helping find my job. I really appreciate the time and effort you put in to my job search. It was a pleasure working with you!
- Yoli McCoy
I would like to sincerely extend my gratitude to each of you. Your encouraging words and honest efforts not only gave me hope that there would be position that would fit what I was looking for but also motivated me to continue with my search; knowing that I had such a fantastic support team who were striving for my success just as much as I was. Now that I’ve moved on with my new endeavors, I continue to receive the same kind encouragement that I’ve come to know so well from you and everyone within your team. I have and will always continue to recommend Stepping Stones; I can’t imagine getting to where I am now without the support of your services. Thank you so much for your hard work, determination and kind-hearted words.
- Ernesto Ebanks
Just wanted to really, really thank you both for all the hard work put in to finding me an awesome job! I really appreciate it and I really think your agency is so professional and you are such experts at what you do. I actually met with another agency initially before meeting Lindsey and they were so discouraging, told me I would never get a job in a law firm without a Legal Secretary degree and that my salary expectations were too high so I really appreciate how optimistic and encouraging you guys were and how much you did to help me achieve exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know 🙂
- Kidan Brooks
I was very fortunate to be introduced to SteppingStones Recruiting Agency in October 2005 by a friend who holds a high regard for the services being provided. In November 2012, I was reacquainted with the above and it is still proven that the service is extremely professional and effective. Rosie Scott a representative of SteppingStones, created an atmosphere that displayed integrity, diligence and concern. I have been with other agencies and can honestly say that SteppingStones Recruiting Agency offers the most outstanding service which will benefit anyone who is serious about his or her future career on these islands.
- Michelle Durrant – Account Administrator at Kensington Management Group Ltd.
I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the chocolates and also thanks for all your help with everything during the time I’ve worked with you. As always, you’ve been there looking out for me and found me a home once again. You’re definitely above the rest!! 🙂
- Reshma Dookhran – International Fund Services, a State Street Company
Let me use this opportunity to thank you all for everything and to say that it has been an absolute pleasure working for your agency, can not fault it in any way and would highly recommend your services. All the best to you all and hopefully will see you very soon.
- Vernesa Dean – Accounting & Treasury Executive at Ernst & Young
I would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to the SteppingStones team for giving me this great opportunity to be a part of your family and also for allowing me this chance to work in the Cayman Islands. My six months experience with you has been a great one. Thanks for all the support you offered during the hurricane season which was my first experience. Thank you for always being there for me and for your assistance in giving me a great start in making Cayman my new home. Special thanks to Lindsey for all of her efforts and time spent in getting me to the Cayman Islands and for securing me a job interview from the time I first arrived here. Thanks for the lovely flowers and encouragement. That was the sweetest thing ever. I felt so special yesterday. I will be in touch and you will always be in my heart THANK YOU!!!!
- Shabana Bijulisingh-Accounts Assistant, Progressive Distributors Ltd.
I am hoping that you know this already but I just wanted to say how grateful I am and thanks again for everything that you and Ciara have done for me since I have been on the island and before in fact. I am so fortunate to have been introduced to Simon Watson and being directed by him towards SteppingStones, god only knows what might have happened otherwise!! It’s been great getting to know you both on a personal level and I look forward to many a girl’s night out long after my professional relationship with SteppingStones has ceased.
- Christina Caffyn-Corporate Assistant, Maples & Calder
So this is it, my last day as a SteppingStones employee! I wanted to thank you and the rest of the SteppingStones gang for all of your help. I never would have come to Cayman if it were’nt for you and now I am here, permanently employed and loving it! I think I’ve got a great opportunity with Maples and it is all because of SteppingStones. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
- Jamie Ling-Legal Secretary, Maples & Calder
A million thank yous for the gift, it was so thoughtful. You’ve all been such stars, always going beyond. I will proudly refer SteppingStones to anyone and everyone who wants to start a new life on this island. I will miss you all so very much.
- Sophie Tremblay-Executive Assistant, Ogier Fiduciary Services (Cayman) Limited
SteppingStones was recommended to me by three girls who had friends temping with them, and they were very happy. I signed on and ended up with full time employment at a job which I absolutely love and didn’t think I would normally qualify for. Every one of their staff is so friendly, helpful and very welcoming, especially to new people on Island who are just starting out. They have get-togethers so you can meet people in the same situation you’re in and answer any questions you have about the island or getting settled in. I would absolutely recommend SteppingStones 100% as my experience was nothing but positive and there was no pressure what so ever!
- Michelle Zorzenone-Global Accounts Administrator, Ernst & Young
I wanted to thank you again for the social the other night, and more importantly, my award for Temp of the Month. It was so nice of you to do and I feel very thankful that I have such extreme support from you. You put so much consideration and care into everything you do, and that reflects in the quality of people you bring on. You are all so helpful and kind, and I hope that it never goes unappreciated.
- Kate Flinton-Corporate Officer, RBC Wealth Management
You guys are awesome! Linval and I yesterday spoke of how much better you are compared to the other agencies with the socials, cell phones are all you do. Keep doing what you are doing. You’re a super great agency! Thumbs up.
- Karlene Carby-Dixon Client Service Associate, Ernst & Young
Thank you again…I seem to be saying this a lot to you guys recently! I celebrated last night with the bottle of champers….cheers I’m really happy it’s all sorted and thank you so much for all the help and support over the last year, it’s really appreciated, I will be recommending SS to everyone I meet.
- Sharon Pegg-Accountant, Saxon Administration
Thank-you so much for all your assistance and professionalism in handling the employment process to this stage, you really were fantastic. We are looking forward to spending a good few years in Cayman and certainly the opportunity to work at Coutts is amazing.
- Sue Holmes-Private Banker, Coutts
For those of you who are thinking about joining SteppingStones but are nervous about leaving everything behind and launching into the unknown, dont be. The second you arrive in Cayman and meet the SteppingStones team you know you are in safe hands.
It is a giant leap of faith but one that will be more than repaid. The enthusiasm, care and attention shown by the staff is backed up by the support and the results they bring. I cannot speak highly enough of SteppingStones and how much they have looked after me in Cayman. Thanks to their efforts to find me the best possible position, I am now working for the Football Association and having the time of my life. SteppingStones gave me the confidence, contacts and the launch pad to land what is a dream job in a dream place. THANK YOU!!
- Alastair Kay-FIFA Goal Project Coordinator, Cayman Islands Football Association
Thank you so much. I very much appreciate all of your assistance during my temping period and I am glad that I made the right decision to come to Cayman Islands through Stepping Stones. It has been a very pleasant experience working with you all.
- Eden Jordan-Trust Administrator, Rawlinson & Hunter
I told my friend that you guys were great and that you did a great job for me (and that you were so wonderful). I actually tell everyone who is looking to contact you guys – like I said I was really impressed with how quickly you got back to me not to mention finding me something. You and Milly are amazing!
- Kerri McQuarrie, Corporate Administrator, Ogier Fiduciary Services
I just want to say a huge thanks. SteppingStones have been the best agency I have ever been with. You guys have been absolutely fantastic to me.
- Tameeka Wells- Legal Secretary, Maples & Calder
I wanted to thank you both because without you this wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks for placing me here and for your constant guidance and support. I’m always telling everyone about SteppingStones. The sister of a good friend of ours is coming from England at the beginning of next month (I think) and she’s already signed up with you. And our neighbor is with you now … so, I’m always spreading the word about how great you guys are!! Thanks a lot; I’ll definitely keep in contact with you both.
- Jacqueline Barnes-Executive Secretary, Maples & Calder
The team at SteppingStones was a wonderful support to me as I sought a change in career. With their network of contacts and a thorough understanding of their clients needs they very quickly found me exactly the type of position I was seeking. Their help and support through the immigration process made all of the difference – I knew I had their experience and resources to draw on. Thank you SteppingStones!
- Leanne Golding, CFA- Vice President Funds, Rawlinson & Hunter
It is with both a mixture of sadness and excitement to be leaving the comfort of SteppingStones to start my permanent position. You are definitely the best agency on the island hands down! :)))) Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you both and for all your support and hard work. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have had my time with you.
- Shiona Gale-Legal Secretary, Maples & Calder
Moving jobs let alone relocating your life to another continent can be an incredibly stressful time. SteppingStones eased all my worries away. From the outset they were welcoming, friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Being a Librarian I was unsure whether this type of work would be available and I had no idea how to go about finding it. Although not their area of expertise, SteppingStones were more than happy to help and made enquiries and sought information on my behalf and a few months later here I was! They were my link on the island whilst I was back in the UK packing up my life for the move, and their support doesn’t end once you arrive. I can honestly say without SteppingStones I doubt I’d be on island today.
- Clare Monk-Librarian, Maples & Calder
I haven’t always had a great experience with recruitment agencies but my experience with Stepping Stones was nothing but positive. Ciara was successful in landing me a number of interviews and eventually a position I was looking for. What makes Stepping Stones so great though is that its not just about landing the job, Ciara was always available to answer questions and give advice on making the move to Cayman, which can be a bit daunting if it is your first time making such a move. I would recommend their services to anyone thinking of taking that leap.
- Emma MacCormack, Audit Senior, PWC
The team at Stepping Stones were great to work with – they gave me the opportunity to live and work on this beautiful island, and I will always be grateful. Right from my first interview with Lindsey, I felt that I was dealing with a fab organization, and my trust in them was instant. Their open-door policy always made me feel welcome and comfortable, no matter what crazy question or ramblings I came to them with. Their enthusiasm and positivity gave me confidence in them and myself, and I’ve ended up in an amazing position; without Lindsey and the team, I would never have had such an opportunity. I definitely recommend Stepping Stones to anyone who’s looking for work on the island!
- Lauren Leupen, Claims Manager, Island Heritage
Firstly, thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity and pleasure of working with you. I really had a fantastic time and enjoyed my six months immensely. You three are just so kind, welcoming and just lovely. You are true stars! SteppingStones is a wonderful place to work, where time and dedication is equally allotted to each member of the team. One can work happily, knowing that if any problems should arise the 3 lovelies in the office will always make the time for you. Thank you for believing in me.
- Chiara Casey
I had a great experience working with SteppingStones. The staff was helpful, thoughtful and went the extra mile to ensure that I was placed permanently in a position that fit my skill set and career goals. I would recommend this temping agency to anyone. They have the resources, knowledge and flexibility to help you find what you’re looking for
- Kelly Fiebig, Financial Accountant, Dart
I want to thank you so much for everything. Firstly, for the delicious chocolates I received from SteppingStones today. They are so cute and just what I need for an afternoon treat. I also want to thank each of you for giving me the opportunity to work and live in Cayman. You all have been so kind and helpful throughout the whole process and I always enjoyed going to the social’s & events. Everyone has been professional and I would gladly refer and have referred people to SteppingStones. I am very excited to now be permanent with Marsh and have many things to look forward to. Even though I won’t be popping in your office to receive mail, I hope to see you around.
- Beth Hall, Receptionist
I just want to say a huge thank you to you all for your continued hard work and efforts in helping Krystal and I find great jobs and live the dream! I think your continued dedication and professionalism clearly show you are leading the way for recruiters on island! Once again thanks,
- Arlo Robinson-Assistant Relationship Manager
Thank you to SteppingStones for giving me excellent professional service during my job search. You not only took the time to thoroughly read through my resume but also to listen to my career goals. The first job I interviewed for, led to a permanent position, “a perfect fit”, with a company I am enjoying working for. This is also due to your timely responses to both my employer and myself, which needless to say we appreciate. Keep up the good work!
- Sharon Williams- Vice President
Thank you for your kind words and consideration. I am sad to leave Steppingstones as a happy employee but wish to keep in touch time and again as you have been an integral part of my journey. This experience will always be remembered and I will forever speak highly of Steppingstones and how awesome and blessed I am for having the opportunity to work with such amazing women.
- Jennifer Johnson – Purchasing Assistant
After spending several months looking for employment on my own, I had become so disheartened by the lack of results. But only 48 hours after my first meeting with Ciara, she had me lined up for an interview that eventually turned into a permanent offer. I don’t know of another agency that produces such impressive results with an equally remarkable turnaround time. Lindsey took customer service to a level I have rarely encountered in Cayman. She made sure I received regular updates and always made herself available to talk through any concerns I had. I left all of our conversations feeling so much more at ease, because it was obvious that I had a true ally in my job search. Her optimism and patience as I weighed my decisions are forever appreciated.
- Annika Martins, Business Development Officer
I would encourage any potential newcomer to seek SteppingStones as their first point of contact. From their open and friendly communication to their commitment to finding a placement, SteppingStones is second to none. Lindsey continually took time out of her days or evenings to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable with the island and it’s idiosyncracies, making extra efforts to ensure all of the anxiety I was experiencing was perfectly normal, and offered many times to connect me with other temps. Pam is equally as prompt at addressing any concerns that you have. Really the entire team is outstanding. I continue to promote SteppingStones to my peers as they were integral with my transition.
- Kirstin Eklund – Property Manager
Having relocated to Cayman to be with my husband, joining Steppingstones was the best decision I could have made. The whole team helped me to settle into island life and within a week found me an temporary role within an excellent company. I would particularly like to thank Ciara for her constant dedication and commitment which has lead to my current permanent position. I would encourage anybody thinking of relocating to Cayman to contact the Steppingstones team.
- Julie Proud-Audit Secretary
When I first started with SteppingStones, I was immediately struck by their level of service and efficiency, two qualities which most hold in high regard for any service professional. In the office, there is always an atmosphere of readiness, purpose and enjoyment. It was clear that all staff thoroughly enjoy their chosen profession, which means candidates are immediately assured in what can be a nervous situation. What really put them over the top for me was the approval of my work permit within 24 hours and I started work a couple days later. They are very responsive and not once have they been late with anything. Another aspect I admire is their great involvement in the Cayman Community. They are very actively involved with local charities and encourage employees to participate in giving back to the Community. Ciara, Milly, Pam and Lindsey make an unbeatable team. Thank you for securing me a permanent position and enriching my experience in Cayman
- Francina Russell – Accountant
I only have good things to say about Stepping Stones. Their professionalism, organization and attention to every single detail are what sets them apart from other recruitment companies on Island. What stood out for me the most was that feeling of always being welcome – whether you needed to chat about work or just stop in to say hello, their door was always open. I would recommend to anyone that is moving to Grand Cayman to be a part of the SteppingStones team.
- Sandra Sambandam- Secretary
Thanks for everything you did during my contract. I really enjoyed working for you. You were helpful and supportive when I needed it and didn’t stop looking for that dream position. I wish you all the best for the future and hope you keep in touch.
- Andrew Rowlings- Accountant
I want to thank you and everyone at SteppingStones for all of the hard work and support you have provided in the last few months. I look forward to maintaining our relationship, and will certainly refer anyone to you who may be seeking employment.
- Curtis Wilson- Client Serving Associate
My experience with SteppingStones has been fantastic. SteppingStones have proven to be an extremely helpful, knowledgeable and highly professional recruitment agency. The team works incredibly hard in placing their staff in assignments that are genuinely suited to their skill-set. SteppingStones sets itself apart by their friendliness, enthusiasm and proactive approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending SteppingStones and would like to thank Ciara, Lindsey, Pam, Milly and Theresa for helping me achieve a permanent position.
- Sarah Bourke-Legal Secretary
The team at Stepping Stones are great to work with, they are professional, friendly and very knowledgeable of the employment market here in Cayman. Stepping Stones helped me get a permanent position from my very first assignment. From the initial induction, to setting up the interview the put me at ease and ensured that I was making the best decision for my career. They were with me every step of the way, late night phone calls and early morning e-mails. I truly appreciate everything they did for me and would recommend Stepping Stones to anyone who is thinking of joining them, they are the best recruitment agency on island. For people new to the island they offer great advice and after work socials that enables you to connect with others on the island in the same situation.
- Catriona Lane – Legal Secretary
I met a part of the Steppingstones Recruiting team through the Business and Careers Expo…..the team was extremely professional,friendly,warm and welcoming. The very first week I signed up with Steppingstones I was placed in a temporary position at Deloitte. I felt so privilege and honored to have worked with such a highly recognized company. After finishing up with Deloitte, Lindsey had secured another temporary position at Orion Developers Ltd where I’m now permanent. Steppingstones is a fantastic company with a great team. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs their service. Thank you Ciara, Lindsey, Milly and Pam.
- Barbara Roberts-Bodden, Accounting Administrator
I was with SteppingStones for over three years, and from my first contact with them they were professional, helpful, friendly and welcoming. Having knowledge of all other recruitment agencies in Cayman, I am pleased to say that SteppingStones is the only one I recommend. If you are new to Cayman, the team will really help make the transition to ‘island life’ as smooth and simple as possible. I know that as well as providing a vital business resource to me, they have also provided me with support, guidance and I hope an enduring friendship. I am proud to have been one of the SteppingStones team!
- Leanne Lawton – PA to Regional Managing Director, Americas
I was made redundant from my job in January of 2010 and wasn’t sure where to go from there. As I was coming close to the end of my maternity leave being up I decided to register my resume with SteppingStones. I got a call from Ciara immediately after registering and went in to meet with her. She was awesome from that first meeting. In no time at all I got another call that they had secured a temping position for me with the possibility of it becoming permanent. I went back to SteppingStones to meet with Ciara at the end of February and I started my temping position on the 8 March 2010. I am very happy to say that today I am now a permanent employee at Walkers law firm as a Legal Secretary and totally enjoying my job. I recommend SteppingStones to everyone who is looking for a job. They are very professional, helpful and very caring. Ciara was awesome! I cannot say enough about how great she was! Thank you SteppingStones and thank you Ciara!
- Pauline Greene- Legal Secretary
Thank you for all your hard work ….. finding me employment, looking after me on arrival, organising me, paying me, involving me with your drinks and therefore introducing me to lots of new friends, keeping me sane!!! But especially to Ciara for believing in me initially and continuing to keep in contact when I was in UK when I was pulling my hair out with worry whether things would work out. You always, always put my mind at ease and I felt I could trust you completely, which I did, and here I am. Thank you Ciara. X I will always be a ‘SteppingStones’ girl and proud of it.
- Terry Ashby – Legal Secretary
I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for all that you have done for me with respect to our move to the Caymans. You (and your entire team) have been nothing but fantastic since day 1 as well as whilst we were still in SA working things out, having evening phone calls and all the last minute arrangements re my work permit etc. Its amazing how time flies, as I can remember like it was yesterday, starting here (on a Saturday) without my work clothes (missing luggage). But its been great so far, helped by SteppingStones as well. Please convey my gratitude to all the ladies at the office.
- Alan Harcombe- Accountant
I just wanted to say bye and thank you for all. I am now in Canada and I meant to send this before leaving, but relocating was hectic. Your service was top rate, very professional and the contract I gained via SteppingStones was brilliant, and a great addition to my professional profile.
- Christine Bodden – Attorney
A very sincere thank you to the team at Steppingstones for guiding me through the process of seeking employment in the Caymans. Lindsey, as well as other team members, steered me through my job search from start to finish. I am very thankful for all of their hard work and I would not be here and without them!
- Adam Clark – Administration Assistant
I just wanted to say thanks again to all of you for your time, support and kindness over the past 6 months. When we started looking at a move abroad and Cayman was thrown into the mix, never in a million years did I think I would end up here, let alone find a permanent position, due to my lack of experience in the legal and financial services industries. But, thanks to you, here I am 6 months later with 3 months experience at a global law firm and 3 months at a fund services company under my belt! I’m delighted with how things have turned out and I can’t thank you all enough. Take care, all the best and see you all soon.
- Cori Hatcher- Personal Assistant
Thank you so much for all your assistance. You are amazing at what you do and SteppingStones is the most professional and personable company I have ever had the opportunity to work for. You definitely set the standard!!! I hope to work with you all again in the future.
- Leandra Charles – Secretary
Thank you so very much for all you have done for me during my time on the island. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you! You are such a fantastic team of dedicated woman who do an amazing job! I have passed on your details to a few girls I think one has an interview with you this week! I hope to be back in the future, and I will definitely be in contact with you all. Thanks again ladies.
- Bronwyn Perrins – Secretary
Thank you so much to everyone for all your help and support over the last 6 months on Island and of course those dreaded 6 months before I arrived trying to get on Island!! It has been a pleasure and you made the process so easy and took a lot of the stress away, and thank you of course for helping me secure what will hopefully be a permanent position on Island for the foreseeable future!
- Natalie Mayfield
I would like to express my sincere and heartful appreciation to you and the rest of the SteppingStones team for helping me with successfully placing permanent employment. Having dealt with numerous recruiters and placement agencies throughout the years, I can honestly say that you are a cut above the rest. I will be happy to recommend your services to any of my peers who are in need of employment assistance. Again, thank you for all your help
- Tashna Elliott – Collections Analyst
For a person moving from a different county it can be very intimidating and over-whelming, but it was a pleasant treat to have worked with you through it all. I was also extremely grateful that you made the extra effort when I didn’t have transportation to the interviews; that was very impressive and much appreciated. My life is very different and I am extremely happy because I have had this opportunity, and you\’ve all had a part in that. I only have ever heard good things about Steppingstones and only the best will be passed on to others!
- Breanne Nelson – Client Serving Associate