5 Reasons you should be job hunting in December


1.     The demand for Temporary workers is at a high. Employers are often short-staffed due to many permanent employees being off on annual leave around the holidays so this is the perfect time to get your foot in the door!

2.     The best time of year to network and attend social events to boost your contact list with potential employers. With all of the Christmas parties and office celebrations, what better time to get in front of Managers and prospective employers?

3.     You’ll gain competitive edge. Most people will wait until January and at that point, the market will be flooded with candidates. Get a step ahead by getting your search underway early.

4.     Unspent budgets. This is the prime time of year when hiring managers have been saving their budgets for new hires and anything they did not utilize would often be lost so quick hiring is often the result.

5.     It is bonus season, which can mean many companies experience turnover at this time once bonuses are paid out. Be the first in the door by demonstrating your initiative in applying at this time of year as opposed to January when the competition is at a high.


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