Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling

Cayman has its fair share of high achieving women within the workplace, especially within Government. The Chief Immigration Officer, Information Commissioner, Complaints Commissioner, Education Minister and Speaker of the House are all women. Still the scales are largely tilted in favour of men when it comes to the board room, echoing the US statistics that only 4.2 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. How many law and accounting firms here have women as the managing partner? How many banks or insurance companies have women as their CEO?

So what can be done to fix the trend?

  1. Better career management and guidance from managers right from the start
  2. The introduction of a lifelong focus on learning within the workplace targeting women in particular
  3. A drive by women to want to reach the top and a clear plan outlined to make it happen. Focusing on opportunities and growth in general is fine, but a targeted approach that includes clear goals to success is needed if you want to reach the top
  4. Gain a wider perspective of the organisation within they work, understanding how it makes money and who the key people are
  5. Women need to make their voices heard, especially when it comes to promotion possibilities. Don’t let management opportunities pass you by without grabbing them
  6. Take the chance to network. Don’t miss out on that after work drinks session or seminar at which all your peers will be in attendance. Make yourself be seen and connect with the right people
  7. Female senior managers should recognise their responsibilities to junior females and not shy from offering mentoring. Remember you were once there, too.