Careers vs Job: Following Your Passion

In addition to being aware of correct interview etiquette, a topic even more important to reflect on would be the love you have for the job you are pursuing as a career.

Anyone, given the right training, can complete a simple, monotonous task to earn a bit of cash. However, the enthusiasm that backs these actions undoubtedly empower the individual to go above and beyond expectation levels, as well as catapulting their career to new heights.

Positive imagery and goal setting are a couple of life changing practices that can help you discover this path. These two methods are thoroughly described in seminars held by various motivational speakers and in books, such as The Secret.

Some may even be surprised to find that hobbies (something you may have neglected to recognize as your passion) often have the potential of becoming extremely profitable ventures. With a bit of ambition and planning, careers (as well as businesses) are born.

With that said, you may be asking yourself “What steps do I take toward the pursuit of my passion?” This is broken down into 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Decide on what you will pursue. This may sound broad, but it is actually quite specific. Choosing a career path, whilst exploring what engages your interest, is much like choosing a pair of shoes. Once you are walking a few feet in them, you can quickly tell what “fits” and what does not. And there is nothing wrong with trying on a few different sizes/styles before you buy.

Step 2 – Create a goal. What do you want, how much, and by when will you have it? Having an idea in your head of where you see yourself in the subsequent years can play a huge deciding factor in the status of your happiness. This will also motivate you to push even the most farfetched idea to its utmost potential.

Step 3 – Plan your own steps to achieve it. Whether that means you research thoroughly first and reach out to long standing contacts second, take time to create a detailed list of steps to achieve the goals you have in mind. It is also important that these be realistic and specific. Rome was not built in a day, but after a few small, neatly placed bricks, you could have the makings of a strong foundation.

Taking chances on something new and exciting can be 100% possible. You just need the planning, ambition and confidence to purse it.