Confidentiality in the workplace

The word “confidentiality” has both casual and legal meanings in the workplace and will have different meanings throughout your professional career. In some instances, confidentiality refers to not discussing internal goings-on with co-workers. In other instances, it refers to not sharing trade secrets and other company information with competitors, the press or anyone outside of your company.

When working in a professional workplace, confidentiality is extremely important. It is also something we take very seriously here at SteppingStones Recruitment. Failure to properly secure and protect confidential business information can lead to the loss of business/clients, or even your job!

When starting a new job, you typically have to sign a contract. Within this contract there will be a section about confidentiality. When dealing with confidential information, you are trusted to be discreet with this information, to not spread this information around, to also not break your contract.

Should you breach your contract and disclose sensitive employee or management information, this can lead to a loss of employee trust, confident and loyalty, which is never a good thing.

Just a friendly reminder that this Island is much smaller than we think it is, and reputation is everything. Like trust, reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy. Think about this in regards to confidentiality, you never know who might be listening!