Don’t say ‘I don’t know’

Often you may find yourself in a situation where your boss asks a question, but you’re unsure what the answer is.  The quick, but not the best answer is “I don’t know”.  There are ways to get around this by giving your boss the impression that you are ‘on top of it’.
Respond in such a way that it does not appear that you are uninformed or unaware of the correct answer.  Some possible alternative responses could be:
“Let me look into that and get back to you shortly”
“This is my thought…., but let me get a second option”
“I’ll find the best answer and will revert back in a minute”
“Let me ask [insert colleague’s name] as that is their area of expertise”
Structure your answer from “I don’t know” to something more intellectual the next time your boss asks you a question that has you stumped.