Fighting the Counter Offer

You have made the decision to leave your current position, and then your boss presents you with a counter-offer in a bid to convince you to stay. What is the right thing to do?  

Whilst the offer is probably very attractive with a salary higher than what you have just accepted with the new company, the reasons why you wanted to leave in first place have not changed.

One of the speakers at the recent CISHRP Conference made a very good point – people don’t leave the job, they leave the people. This includes the manager, culture, and work environment.

Therefore, offering more money still doesn’t change the fact that you felt another opportunity would better meet your overall career needs.

Furthermore, if they feel you are worth more when you’re leaving then why weren’t you worth more when you were staying?

These are all things to consider when you’re faced with the counter-offer. In the end, you have to remember why you decided to leave and ask yourself whether anything will really change if you stay with the company.