Flexible Attraction

Flexible Attraction

Whenever I meet with anyone looking for a new job (which as you can imagine is pretty frequently), the first question I ask them if they are currently employed is why they are looking to move.

Historically the most popular answers to that question tended to be for an increase in salary, for further career progression, or a combination of both. Now everything has changed.

Yes individuals still want career progression and yes, no one tends to want to move jobs to take a salary cut, but in the past month over 60% of the candidates I have met with have answered that question with “increased workplace flexibility”.

2020 has shown the world that we can work remotely and in the majority of cases we can still be productive and efficient and complete our tasks to the absolute best of our ability. But as an employer, is it feasible to run your business with your workforce remote, or would you rather have everyone back at their desks every day but risk losing some of your best staff?

There are no easy answers, it is never black and white. For some businesses and some specific roles, you simply have to be at your place of work to perform your duties, but for others there are so many options to offer flexible hours and remote working.

This year has been challenging for so many reasons but with great challenges come great opportunities, and as a prospective employer now may be the time to shine. If you can offer something a little bit different, if you are willing to demonstrate to your staff that their work can co-exist with their life, rather than their life having to co-exist with their work, then promote that fact and you may well find a long line of incredible talent lining your pathway.

If you find yourself in a situation where it is just not feasible for your company – then consider other ways to retain the talent who you may otherwise lose to the bright lights of working from home. This does not just come down to paying more money (although that of course helps). It comes down to communication; make sure your employees understand why flexible working arrangements are not possible and ensure that they know they are trusted and valued in equal measure.

At SteppingStones we strongly believe your people are your most important asset. Listen to those people; attract those people; retain those people. There is a lot we can’t control in the world at the moment, but we can control that.