Get ready for 2017!

For the majority of the business world, Christmas is a time when things slow down, people go on vacation, spend time with family and generally time feels like it pauses for a bit. In recruitment, the story is a bit different. Christmas is one of the busiest time for us and therefore, it may be the best time for you to apply for a new job if you might be looking for a change.

A lot of candidates who might be thinking about looking for a new role, will wait out the Christmas, perhaps for their end of year bonus, or that crazy Christmas party, and start their search in the New Year. The problem with that is that hiring managers think the exact same way and therefore to have someone start fresh in the New Year, that means the recruitment process starts now!

According to LinkedIn, twice as many people changes jobs in Jan 2016 compared to Dec 2015 (this means they would have been continually looking around Christmas time, or even before)   

So, what are you waiting for? Apply today! We have loads of amazing opportunities at the moment. You can apply directly for a specific role on our website or if you’re just generally interested, send forward your CV to