How Important is Wellness in the Workplace?

The definition of wellness is associated with the quality/state of your mind, body and health, particularly due to a conscientious effort – but how important is this when related to the work place environment?


There is a vast amount of research and studies that have been undertaken to support the implementation of wellness programs and wellness perks as a positive impact on the performance and productivity of employees in the workplace. Some have even gone as far as to suggest that these perks and benefits to employees can result very cost-effective measures to the business as a whole, due to the decrease in staff turnover resulting from demotivation or the low rates of employee sick days. In the US, according to a report by the Department of Health and Human Services, companies that offered some form of exercise program or wellness benefit or perk, lowered short term sick leave from around 38% to 32% and productivity levels for employees rose substantially too. Many studies suggest that healthy people are happy people and I second that!


At SteppingStones we are lucky enough to receive a monthly massage for all employees. I am sure many, if not all of my colleagues would agree with the fact that this major perk of working here, not only motivates us a team but also increases productivity. We feel happier, more relaxed and valued by our employer. Eclipze Hair Design & Day Spa, Cayman Islands ( recentlyprovided a highly- experienced, lovely and professional masseuse to come in and provide us all with a massage. It was incredible! Not only did our professional masseuse bring along all of the equipment such as chair/bed/towels and lotions, she was extremely friendly, informative and put us all at ease.


The monthly massage by Eclipze Hair & Day Spa is just one of the many great ways that employers can promote wellness in the workplace. Other ideas could include flexible working hours, gym memberships and a company sports team. All of these things can help to avoid Chronic Disease at work such as Depression and Hypertension.