How is everyone

How is everyone?

Here we are, passed the middle of June and a little over a year since the lockdown period in Cayman began to be eased. The 14 weeks of lockdown does feel like a distant memory (very glad my lockdown hair cut is a thing of the past).

I must admit that since then, I had hopes that the world would be back to normal or close to normal by now. Tentatively, you can see the green shoots of recovery in many places though with recent delays announced in the UK, you can see we aren’t out of the woods yet and if anything, find ourselves in the most critical period.

Of course, in Cayman we have been living in our bubble for some time now with bars, restaurants, schools, sporting events etc. able to continue at essentially, pre-pandemic levels. With that being said, and of course despite being very fortunate to that regard, there is a new set of challenges – coming and going and of course, island fever. I’m now 18 months on island, the longest stretch and many more I’ve spoken with have been here for far longer. It can have its stresses believe me. As an expecting father (September) the idea of not having family coming to visit is a tough one but so many are in the same situation, missing all manner of things like weddings, birthdays, graduations and other major life events.

This isn’t a complaint from my side of course, we adapt and deal with it and I’m very grateful to call Cayman home but it’s important to check and see how everyone is doing.

Mental health is critical, and we should always check on our friends and our colleagues – a simple invite somewhere or a “how are things” can really make a huge difference. I’ve definitely had my ups and downs the last few months as we all have but I try and remember we’re in this together and we’ll pull through together.

If you’re ever struggling, remember, there’s nothing wrong with that and there’s a world of support out there.

So, how is everyone doing?