How to sell yourself

How do you best describe yourself?…..that is the question.

This is a question that is often asked during an interview and it is important to be prepared to answer, because you want to say something positive without appearing conceited. Try answering the question ‘How do you best describe yourself?’ with a true workplace experience, such as:

I hold myself accountable for my responsibilities and any resulted outcomes”
“I would describe myself as being proactive to any problems that may arise in the workplace”
“I would describe myself as someone who has high expectations of both myself and my employer”
“Regardless of a tasks difficulty, I consider myself someone who is confident with any I am given”

By answering this question with workplace examples, it can give the interviewer a vision of you in their organisation.

This is a great opportunity to speak highly of yourself, so take advantage of this situation.

It is important to prepare for an interview and have in mind what your answers will be to possible questions.