Love what you do and do what you love

I was telling someone the other day how much I love my job, I mean really love it, and it occurred to me that I am more than likely in the minority. I don’t really get the Sunday night feeling, the Monday blues or the sinking feeling when my alarm goes off in the morning. I get tired yes; frustrated, absolutely; straight-forward fed-up, yes most weeks at some point. But everything else far outweighs that. It made me think about why, why do I love this job so much and I came up with a bit of a list:


1.     I get to talk all day. Every day.

2.     I get to meet new people. Every day.

3.     I get to sit at my desk and be 100% myself, not treading on egg-shells, not trying to pretend I am someone I’m not. Every day.

4.     I get to challenge myself and learn new things. Every day.

5.     I get to see the island through my eyes, the eyes of people I interview, the eyes of my clients and the eyes of my colleagues. Every day.


I don’t know if you are reading this and you’re in agreement with me, or if the list of things above don’t appeal to you at all. But maybe if you’re having a bad day, or you’re considering a career change, write your list and see if the things on it are positives that you encounter every day. If they’re not, maybe it’s time for a change, or maybe it’s just time to write a new list!