Make 2016 your year! Fitness goals and how to keep them!

Welcome to 2016!

If you’re anything like me, you have a list of things that you would like to achieve for 2016. New year, new you…and usually fitness is one top on this list!

According to a recent Forbes article, research suggests that approximately ½ of Americans make New Year’s resolutions- but only 8% achieve them! How can we be a part of this elite 8%? How can you actually follow through on your high hopes of getting fitter, building more muscle or losing those stubborn Christmas kilos?

Here is some advice taken from the article that I hope will help you, I’m certainly going to try them:


1. Clearly define your goals

Have you created a general goal of getting fitter/slimmer/more muscular? What do you mean by this? Be clearer with your goals and where possible be specific or measurable (especially achievable), like “I want to lose 10 pounds” or “I want to do 30 pushups without a break”.


2. Track your progress

Measure your progress! This will be a source of motivation and a chance for you to reflect on how you have progressed and where you might be hitting a plateau so you can adjust where necessary.


3. Have patience

Set realistic goals with realistic timeframes. You may see rapid change straight away or it might take a while- in either case if your efforts are manageable you are more likely to stick with them.


4. Publicize your goals to friends and family

Tell your social circle about your goals, as social support is very important. It takes some courage and yes you may fail but it will dramatically increase your chances of success. You will find you gain loads of support from your network. Go on post that status update!  


5. Put it on your schedule

Put it in your google mail/Outlook calendar to set aside time for your goals. Make your goals a priority and give them a set time to work towards them, whether it be your spin class, going for a walk or doing weights. Think of them as super important appointments that you cannot cancel.


6. Stop “all or nothing” thinking; it’s better do something than nothing

Do you ever think “well I may as well eat dessert because I have already eaten badly today”? If you don’t have time for a 1 hour workout then do 20 minutes instead, it all counts! Any effort is better than no effort!


7. Get up, when you slip up

No one is perfect, so you are bound to make some slip ups and that’s okay. Don’t turn your falls into meltdowns, just see them as a temporary mistake and continue your efforts.


Keep these seven secrets in mind in 2016, and enjoy benefits later in the year! Good luck!



The original article can be found here:

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