Make every day a “happy day of thanks”

After the celebrations of Thanksgiving this week, it had me thinking. Even though I was not brought up with this traditional day of thanks, I was drawn to the reasons why people celebrate it until this day.


I could imagine why it is easy to forget the reasons around why people do celebrate this day, with the turkey dinners and black Friday shopping (I love this by the way)… but when it comes down to it, it really is about being thankful. Thankful for what we have right now, including you family, friends and job.


Studies have proven that writing down points you are grateful for, led to a greater sense of well-being, health and positivity. Try writing down 3 things about your job that you are thankful for (e.g. the people, the flexibility, the environment, the passion you hold for your work?), then throughout the week assess how this makes you feel…are you more productive, perhaps happier? Research has shown that this will be the case…


So make every day a thankful one, and take some time out every day to recognize even 1 or 2 points to be grateful for both at work and on a personal level…the benefits and gratitude will come rolling in, way after the celebratory turkey dinners and pumpkin pie!.



Happy day of thanks!