Temp Socials

Having recently joined the recruitment industry, it has been interesting to observe the importance of having regular interaction and socials with members of your temporary support team.  

Our temporary support staff do not typically work in our office and it can be challenging to maintain healthy channels of communication.

In my opinion having regular temp socials affords you the  opportunity to get to know your temporary support staff in a more personal way, giving them an environment to share their experiences in client offices in a relaxed and comfortable way.

We are lucky to have a very successful large temporary support department and these sort of socials allow our large number of temps to meet each other, exchange stories and sometimes make life long friends.

I have personally had the opportunity to get to know a large number of our support staff and I enjoy their company, hearing details of their adventures and watching new career opportunities unfold.

In order to have a successful temp social, here is the secret recipe:

·         Book a location

·         Make sure you have snacks/beverages to offer

·         A little background music to get the mode going

·         At least 10 RSVP’s

·         HAVE A GREAT TIME! 

So if you are a member of a temporary support team  I strongly recommend that you make every effort to attend temp socials.