Tips to Stay Productive while Working Remote

Tips to Stay Productive while Working Remote

In the last week or so, like most people, I’ve been working from home. It’s actually the first time in my professional career that I’ve done this for an extended period. It has taken some adapting; however, I’m still managing to stay productive (I know, yay for me, right). I feel that I can attribute this productivity to a few key things and I’d highly recommend these steps:

1) Only watch the news locally

I started by having a globally known news network on in the background to keep me up to date, and honestly, it wasn’t a good idea. It’s of course important to know what’s going on but I’d limit it to the government address that impact your region. I have been watching the daily Cayman Islands Government address and checking the key points online from the US & UK.

Mental health is important, and I really feel constantly watching the news will impact this negatively and will certainly impact your ability to work at 100% capacity.

2) Turn off social media

I’m of the belief that social media has been a real problem in recent times and has had a worsening effect on this crisis. On top of that, I feel in the current climate when it’s all hands-on deck, its time wasted that could be better spent focusing on what’s important.

If you must check social media limit it to once a twice a day. Once in the morning and then after 5:30pm. Keep the core working hours focused on working hard and minimizing the impact to your business.

3) Speak to your key stakeholders

I’ve had so many positive and enjoyable conversations with clients and key stakeholders. In some cases, it’s a little bit of the ‘gallows humor’ and of course, when you’re working from home it’s always nice to chat to someone else, but it’s been productive to say the least.

The focus of the calls is not just to discuss business today but importantly, business in future. We’ll beat this crisis and it’s important to know how you can help your clients when the markets turn. Solution based recruitment is the market we are in and that doesn’t change, even if the world does.

Be a positive voice during the difficult times and businesses will come to you during the good times.

4) Stay Active

I recommend this very highly and it’s been very helpful in keeping me productive (and sane) over the last week or so. A walk or run is great to get fresh air in the lungs and it’s amazing how active you can be within the walls of your home.

Lots of businesses in the health and well being space are being innovative and putting classes online. So why not try something new? I gave Pilates a go and will finally try my hand at Yoga this week.

Staying active has never been more important– keep fit and healthy and develop some new positive habits. Good things can come from staying at home.

5) Self-Improve

A continuation from the last point above. Your time spent at home can be advantageous. I’ve started reading books that I’ve put off for years, and I highly recommend ‘The War of Art’ By Steven Pressfield, it’s been a real game changer for me.

I’ve been listening to recruitment podcasts and financial podcasts as well to keep up to date in the market. It’s critical to be at the forefront of what’s going on in your market, so take some time to listen to the experts.

It’s truly a crazy time but don’t lose sight of the fact that we will bounce back. Be prepared and an even better professional when the tide changes.