Top 10 Shining Stars

Here at SteppingStones, we love all of our temps, but there’s a bunch that regularly shine apart from the rest when it comes to payroll time….
It’s no easy feat processing payroll for circa 100 people every two weeks within a very short time frame, especially as its hourly based and timesheets have to be reviewed and approved. Then there is sick pay and vacation pay to process and a whole host of other situations that keep me on my toes! 
Behind the scenes I’m working hard to meet the deadline so everyone is paid on time. Imagine my delight when my shining stars get their timesheets in bang on time or even ahead of time! It really does make a difference.
So, I’d like to give special thanks to my top 10 regulars, my shining stars:
Glorene Jackson
Vernessa Dean
Chyrial Penn
Mirta Dilbert
Nadish Seebaluck
Andrew Mulvey
Madalena Alves
Janet Taylor
Marion Jones
Janet Brick
– Sharon