What to wear for an interview?

How you dress for your next job interview might be more important than you think.

First impressions are critical as your attire is the first thing that the potential employer sees when greeting you for the interview.  How you dress sets the tone of the interview.

You should make sure that you have a least two professional outfits in your closet so you can be ready to attend an interview at short notice without having to go shopping for something suitable.

Here are some tips for being well presented.  Make sure you have:

·         A well-groomed hairstyle

·         Cleaned and trimmed fingernails

·         Minimal cologne or perfume

·         Clean and polished close toed shoes

·         No visible body piercing (other than ears) or tattoos. Conservative ear piercings

·         Clean teeth and fresh breath

·         No gum, candy or other objects in your mouth

·         Minimal jewellery

·         No body odour

Remember that your appearance not only shows that you are taking the opportunity seriously and that you are eager to make to a good impression and that you’d fit in nicely within the corporate culture; it can also communicate that you have respect for the interviewer.