Which one are you?

We all know that no two people are the same – that is the beauty of human beings, the fact that we are all different! Life would be pretty dull if we all thought the same way.  Personality type is what makes people similar or dissimilar to others, it is what attracts us to our partners, our friends and ultimately what helps a good team at work become a great team at work.

Having several types of personalities in the workplace can sometimes be challenging, especially if certain people find it hard to agree on certain subjects or on ways to do things, however, when you have a team made up of different personalities that complement one another, this killer combination helps the work place be a more productive place to be than a team made up of those who are so similar in traits that they cannot work efficiently together.

In a perfect world, the workplace team is composed of the six major personality types:

·         The Driver –  keeps the team on task driving them to the finished line of the project (usually the Team Leader or Manager)

·         The Adventurer – helps the others in the team to take risks where they wouldn’t usually

·         The Energizer – keeps the momentum going within the team

·         The Cheerleader – boosts the morale when things get low

·         The Stabilizer – helps to smooth over any disagreements between the team

·         The Perfectionist – ensures the project is done absolutely correctly and as efficiently as possible.

I’m sure you are reading this, looking at the list, trying to determine which ‘one’ you fit, and you will probably find that you are a mixture of two, perhaps even three of the personality types listed above. Maybe you are the more laid back Stabilizer that is great at diffusing any tension that may arise in the work place, but finds it easy to get distracted therefore working well besides the Energizer type, who doesn’t let up and just gets the job done! Are you the Perfectionist that can help the Energizer show true pride in their work, or the Cheerleader who helps the Perfectionist to not be so hard on themselves? Working together is what team work is all about, and having a healthy balance of the above is the key to keeping the team motivated, happy and harmonious, delivering above and beyond the results that your manager is looking for.

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