Yoga in the Workplace

Recently here at SteppingStones Recruitment, we have begun introducing yoga into the workplace. There are many benefits of offering yoga to your employees, whether that be in house or offering them an amount of fitness classes elsewhere on you!

Yoga can help destress your employees, leading to higher productivity.

It can help enrich their lives with exercise which releases natural endorphins, making employees happier in general and making your office a friendlier work place.

In addition to these benefits there are lists upon lists of more…improves stamina, decrease sickness levels by improving immune systems, improves memory, focus and concentration, decrease headaches etc. I could go on!

As a training yoga teacher, I find even doing little yoga poses at my desk help my day run smoother and allow me to release and prevent tension in my shoulders, wrists and upper back, areas which are negatively affected by sitting at a desk all day.

Below are a couple of poses you can try whether simply sitting at your desk.

  • Neck Rolls
    • Close your eyes, Inhale your right ear to your right shoulder, down and forward, exhale your left ear to your left shoulder, up and back
    • Continue circulating your head in this way a few times around and change directions when you are ready
  • Cow Stretch
    • Keep your feet on the floor, put both hands on your knees
    • Inhale, lift your head towards the sky and arch the back
    • Exhale, drop your head toward your chest and round the back
    • Repeat as many times as you’d like
  • Seated Forward Bend
    • Remain seated, feet flat on the floor
    • Interlace your hands behind your back and fold your upper body down onto your low body, bringing your hands towards the sky and stretching the shoulders
    • Keep the head relaxed, back is flat
  • Eagle Arms
    • Cross your right arm under your left arm, bringing the palms together or interlacing your fingers. If you are unable to reach, place your hands on your shoulders
    • Lift the elbows up and feel the shoulder blades slide down your back
    • Switch arms when you are ready
  • Seated Spinal Twist
    • Sit in your chair, feet flat on the ground
    • Take your left arm over your body towards to right, holding the arm rests with both hands and twist the waist, looking towards the back of our chair
    • Switch sides when you are ready

Try and hold these poses for a couple of breaths or move with your breath.

Yoga is the breath. The poses are just details.