The sailing community of the British Virgin Islands is appealing to many— but that’s not all these Caribbean islands offer. The country is safe, welcoming and ideal for raising kids. You’ll also find a perfect balance between a sleepy-island vibe and modern conveniences. Here’s what to expect when you’re ready to permanently drop anchor.

The BVI offers a total of 15 primary schools and 4 secondary public schools and 10 primary and 3 secondary private schools. The BVI also has a technical and vocational school. In the British Overseas Territory, the education system in the BVI is much like the traditional learning system in the United Kingdom and the school year runs from September to June.

In the BVI, students have two options for tertiary education: The H. Lavity Stoutt Community College and a branch of the University of the West Indies. Both offer resident courses at an Associate’s level before students may further their studies via distance learning, completing studies at the University of the West Indies’ home campus or transferring to a university abroad.

There is no sales tax in the BVI however as most things are imported, you pay for the price of the item plus the price of shipping it over to the BVI, making the cost of goods quite expensive.

Television & Radio:
Caribbean Broadcast Network (BVI) Limited was incorporated October 2006 and is headquartered on the Island of Tortola. Caribbean Broadcast Network (BVI) Limited owns and operated CBN-Television (channel 51), CBN-Radio (90.9FM) & CBN-Radio (92.3FM) and remains one of the few Media-Houses in the Caribbean that offers Radio & Television services under one-umbrella. Collectively the Radio and Television Broadcasting Network provides a great blend of Local, Regional and International programming. The well-balanced mix of weekly programming addresses the specific needs of advertisers, distributors and consumers.

PAW (Promoting Animal Welfare) was established in February 2014 on Tortola, BVI by a group of animal lovers who saw the huge need for a spay/neuter program on the island. It is a not-for-profit organisation that wants to help improve the living conditions for as many animals as possible within the BVI.

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