CV Assessment And Interviewing

When you take that first step towards looking for a new job, the most important document you need is your CV.


This document is your opportunity to sell your skills and experience in an evidential, concise, and accurate manner.

There are studies that have taken place which reference that Recruiters and/or Hiring Managers spend anywhere between 6 seconds and 2 minutes reviewing an individual CV. So how do you ensure that your CV is the one that gets the 2 minute slot?

  1. Be honest
  2. Ensure the layout is aesthetically pleasing. Bullet points rather than long flowing paragraphs and stick to black and white and a basic font.
  3. No typos or grammatical mistakes. Especially in today’s technologically advanced world where spell check does it for you; there are no excuses.
  4. Clear contact details so you can be reached on a current phone number or email address.
  5. List your educational achievements and personal interests. Do not leave these details out, they say a lot about what you have done and what you like to do.

At SteppingStones we review every single resume that we receive and based on that resume we will invite you for an initial interview with one of our experienced Recruiters.

The interview process with us is very straight-forward but still just as important as an interview with one of our clients. If we are going to represent you for a role, we need to have a solid understanding of how you will present at the interview stage. That includes: being on time for the meeting and knowing exactly who you are meeting; dressing professionally; a strong handshake upon arrival and maintaining eye contact throughout; knowing your own experience inside out so you can talk about it without hesitation and so you can answer questions confidently; having your own bank of questions to ask.

As with the CV process, we also offer interview preparation sessions so that we can run through practice questions that a business might ask you and assist you in any way possible to ensure that when you walk into any interview, you feel the absolute best you can feel. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous, that just shows you care, but we will ensure that those nerves are channeled correctly to ensure the best possible chance of success.