General Manager


The General Manager’s responsibilities involves;

  • Effective leadership and oversight of the entire operation
  • Strategic involvement with developments and service expansion
  • Planned progress on resident development
  • Managing staff performance
  • Financial probity, public relations, inter-agency liaison
  • Recruitment and employee development
The General Manager will also be responsible for monitoring trends, health and safety and ensuring best practices are maintained.  This leadership role requires the post holder to possess good problem-solving skills for complex and sensitive matters, effective decision making, excellent reporting and communication capabilities and competence in multi-tasking and organisation development.  

The post holder is required to be a proven professional in youth care, protection and therapeutic services with success in delivering and managing youth development treatment, care and protection and family services. 

Education and Skills:

  • A Master’s degree in Criminal justice, Social Work, Psychology, Counselling or equivalent and at least a Diploma in Leadership and Management in Care services, Public Service Policy and Management or equivalent.
  • At least 10 years’ experience in management, planning and financial oversight including experience within a residential care/treatment facility for youths.
  • Have a strong understanding of psychology/behaviour management principles
  • Have an excellent handle on the English language, written and spoken, in a manner sufficient for effective communication with executive leadership and staff.
  • Excellent people development and management skills and problem-solving capabilities. 


  • Valid Driver’s License
  • First Aid and Water Safety
  • Child Protection Training

Supervisory Responsibility:

  • Oversees the recruitment process for all staff
  • Oversees the training of all staff
  • Annually performance reviews to all direct staff
  • Oversees time and attendance for all staff
  • Review and approve payroll. 

Salary will be commensurate with experience and benefits include a non-contributory pension plan and health insurance.

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Pam Abbott

Pam Abbott

General Manager