Charitable donation – The Special Needs foundation of Cayman

The employees of SteppingStones kindly donated a portion of their salaries, which was matched by the company, to benefit The Special Needs Foundation of Cayman.  The internal team at SteppingStones also ‘rocked their socks’ in support of the World Down Syndrome Day on Tuesday 21st March 2017. 

The Special Needs Foundation Cayman is a non-profit organization of parents, educators and professionals committed to supporting children with a range of special needs across the Cayman Islands.

The Foundation began as a support group for several parents who had children on the Autism Spectrum and were concerned with the lack of diagnostic and treatment services available in the Islands. As their monthly meetings progressed, it became clear that they needed to expand the group to include and provide support of the Children living with other areas of special needs.  The primary focus of the Foundation is to advocate for individuals and families and ongoing education of the public about the needs of the special needs community.  

The foundation believes that all children with special needs should have a voice, be given the same opportunities as all children and be able to develop their potential.  They are guided by a Board of Directors, composed primarily of parents, plus a host of volunteers and respected professionals who generously donate their time and efforts to increasing awareness, and providing expertise and guidance to the organisation.

Pictured: Lexie Solomon from SteppingStones handing over a cheque to Leslie Bromfield of the Special Needs Foundation of Cayman.