CISHRP Certificate in HR Management

Every year the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals (CISHRP) offer a Certificate in HR Management training course which includes 4 courses;

  • Immigration 101
  • Labour Law 101
  • Health Insurance and Pension Law 101
  • Essentials of HR Management 101

Part of the beauty of these courses, is that you can do 1 or do all 4.

Last week, my colleague Alistair and I had the pleasure of attending the Essentials of HR Management 101 with Phil Jackson.

Phil Jackson is currently the Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Cayman National Bank. He was previously with CUC and did some amazing work over there.  He has 20+ years’ experience within HR and holds a Masters in HR Management.

His HR Management course offered an opportunity to learn from one of the masters of this field in the Cayman Islands.

Throughout the course, we covered numerous topics including “The HR Function”, “Performance Management” and “Competencies for HR Success”.

Some of the key points I took away from this course were;

  • It’s the words you use sometimes! Trainee = Learner, Continual Change = Transformation etc.
  • HR is the gatekeeper of Corporate Culture
  • People are assets (and should be treated as such)
  • HR is not just about looking after the day to day, it’s about having a strategic plan to keep the company on track
  • Feedback is important
  • Know your audience. Different employees have different needs and wants.
  • Attract, Retain, Motivate!

Of course I can’t tell you everything here. You’re just going to have to attend the next course yourself!

If you fancy learning more about this course and the CISHRP, please visit their website: