Emma Takes Part in KPMG Legends Sponsors’ Golf Tournament

As one of the sponsors of the KPMG Legends Tennis Tournament being held at the Ritz Carlton on Grand Cayman in November, SteppingStones was invited to send a representative to take part in a sponsors’ golf tournament.  Luckily for us (and for her, she says!) we have a golfer on the team, Emma Woodhouse our Training Partner.

The event took place on Thursday 3rd November at the Blue Tip Golf Course and involved teams of four playing in a “scramble” format.  It was a very relaxed and fun event but none the less competitive.  There were individual prizes of vouchers and bottles of rum available for the best shots on various holes and team prizes were awarded for the best and the worst score.  First place winning a bottle of Pink Champagne, last place a Blue Iguana cover for a golf club.  Scoring was very close with only two shots between first and last place.  Because of the tie, the “winners” of the last place tie was decided by looking at their scores on individual holes.

Congrats to Emma who was a prize winner!