Mastering Resume Writing and Job Interview Techniques


On 14th June 2012, Michelle Gibbon and Rosie Dunsford – both Staffing Coordinators at SteppingStones Recruitment Ltd. – spoke about resume writing and interview techniques on the Business Buzz radio show. 

The Business Buzz segment is featured on Radio Cayman, and is produced by the Department of Commerce and Investment, and is on the air every Tuesday and Thursday morning. 

Michelle and Rosie spoke with Richard Barton about how to make your resume stand out, and how to master the dreadful job interview.  

For anyone who missed the show in June, the Department of Commerce and Investment have now posted the audio clip from the show, and you listen by clicking here.

Michelle Gibbon, Staffing Coordinator on the Temp Desk at SteppingStones Recruitment Ltd. 

Rosie Dunsford, Staffing Coordinator on the Permanent Desk at SteppingStones Recruitment Ltd.