More golfing success for SteppingStones’ Training Professional Emma Woodhouse

The Cayman Islands Amateur Golf Championships were held over the weekend of 24th and 25th April. There were a number of different competitions for both men and ladies. Emma played in the “net” ladies competition where the golfer’s actual gross score is adjusted according to their handicap so that players of different levels are able to compete. 

For those readers not used to golf and its scoring procedures here is an example. Player A with a handicap of 20 plays the 18 holes in 95 shots. The 20 shots of their handicap are deducted to give a net score of 75.  Player B only takes 90 shots to complete the 18 holes but has a handicap of 14. Their net score would be 76 and thus they would be second.
Emma has a handicap of 18. Her first round score was 87 (net 69). The second day saw her go even lower  with an second round score of  83 (net 65) making her overall winner and beating the field by comprehensive margin of 14 shots!!