Some Nice Words From Our Charitable Donations Recipients

We recently received some very kind words of appreciation from a couple of recipients of our charitable donations program. 

Each month, participating members of our temporary support team make voluntary donations and a specific amount is deducted from each pay cheque. The total amount is then matched by SteppingStones and donated to a chosen charity of the month.

Donors are encouraged to nominate a charity that they hold close to their heart.  In the past year, SteppingStones and its temp team have donated to The Pines, Off the Beaten Track, Nadine Andreas Residential Foster Home, Cayman Islands Humane Society, Cayman Islands Cancer Society, Cayman Islands Wildlife Rescue and the Cayman Crisis Centre.

Below are two letters we received from the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre and the Cayman Islands Veterans Association, both of them detailing how they utilize donations.  We are honored to support such worthy causes!