STARRS Programme Annual Job Fair

On Wednesday, 20th July 2011 SteppingStones was delighted to host a booth at the Department of Children & Family Services STARRS Programme annual Job Fair. STARRS (Support Towards Autonomy Retraining and Self-Sufficiency) was launched by the Department in 2004 to assist people in securing employment. “It is a good way to help our clients to get connected with potential employers and possibly land jobs following their training under the STARSS programme,” said Programme Coordinator Cassandra Parchment.

During the fair we had the opportunity to interview several job seekers. We felt that participating in this job fair was extremely beneficial to both ourselves as well as interested applicants, as it gave us insight to a broad range of job seekers from various backgrounds.

“The mini job fair gave us a chance to get the word out there about what we do here at SteppingStones, and we were able to meet with several motivated candidates that we may not have otherwise gotten a chance to meet with. Out of the candidates that we met, we have already brought half of them back for second stage interviews. The mini job fair gave these candidates hope and was a great first step towards employment.” said Michelle Gibbon, Staffing Coordinator.