SteppingStones donates to Facing Africa, in support of Off The Beaten Track

Following greatly successful fundraising efforts in its first year, the Off The Beaten Track relay race returned this year and was held in Grand Cayman on 27 February 2011. 

The ultra-marathon is designed to create the atmosphere of the ultra-distance race run every year in the hot sands of Morocco – the Marathon des Sables.  The race consists of teams of 6 running in relay over a distance of at least 50 kilometers.  As the name implies, the course is a complex route incorporating beach, dyke roads, back streets, and more!  For the fit and seasoned runners who participated, the race was undoubtedly a unique and challenging experience.

All monies raised were donated to Facing Africa ( – a charity dedicated to helping children in Nigeria and Ethiopia who suffer from a disease called NOMA.  NOMA is an acute and ravaging gangrenous infection affecting the face.  The victims are mainly children under the age of 6, caught in a vicious cycle of extreme poverty and malnutrition.  The mortality rate for this disease is estimated at about 90%.  Those who do survive suffer from immense distress and social isolation as a result of their facial deformities.

SteppingStones Recruitment Ltd. and some members of the temporary support team donated nearly CI$500 to KRyS Global, the main sponsor of Off The Beaten Track.  On Monday March 7th, 2011 Lindsey Gordon presented Peggy Basdeo of KRyS Global with the cheque on behalf of SteppingStones and its temporary support team.  SteppingStones is proud to donate to this extremely worthy cause and applaud KRyS Global and all participants for their huge efforts.