The powerful MBTI® assessment tool can help your organisation’s employees:

1.Learn how to communicate more effectively by understanding others better;
2.Work better with people who act and react differently from themselves;
3.Be more effective as individuals both professionally and personally.
By using this world renowned tool your employees will learn a model of human behavior types that has many practical implications in the workplace. It will help them understand themselves and how they interact with others and so improve communication, encourage team building and promote leadership development. Time spent on unproductive work due to personality differences will be diminished, as co-workers are able to reach decisions and work together more efficiently and harmoniously.
For example: simply by understanding that one employee prefers time alone to think through new ideas before giving feedback, whilst another thrives on instant interaction and discussion means that a manager or co-worker can plan an appropriate approach to each to get the best work from them. Get it the wrong way round and the employees will be less comfortable, less responsive and more likely to react negatively which will adversely affect their performance.
In accordance with MBTI® best practice we are offering:-
Individual assessments: Taken on-line, the assessment generates a written report, which is then discussed one on one with our qualified practitioner, Emma Woodhouse, to verify what it means for the individual and how they can benefit from this knowledge.
Workshops: Interactive sessions to provide insight into individuals and their interactions with others which can be tailor-made to focus on enhancing communication, working effectively in teams and management and supervisory skills as required by your organisation.