SteppingStones Training in Barbados

Towards the end of 2011, SteppingStones’ Trainer Emma Woodhouse had a major project designing a tailor-made three day leadership programme here in Cayman.  The course was rolled out during November to both the Senior Executives and the managers, with Emma facilitating the workshops, which had between 6 and 15 participants each day.  The course was very positively received and at the end of January 2012, Emma travelled to the business’s branch in Barbados to roll out the programme there.

“It was four full days but the workshops went really well and the level of participation was very high.” said Emma. “As all the delegates were from Barbados, working with them gave me some insight into the culture of another Caribbean Island, which was a great learning experience for me”.  “As this was a business trip I sadly didn’t get to see much of Barbados, but what I did see was really beautiful and I got to sample some good local specialities including flying fish”.

Emma is now back in Cayman , working on a follow up course for the company  and keeping her fingers crossed for a return trip later in the year!