SteppingStones working with Cayman’s youth

When it comes to the business of recruitment and training, young people in Cayman are receiving some excellent education and advice from SteppingStones. The training and recruitment specialists recently attended the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre’s (CIFEC) Careers Fair, and were able to help guide a number of youngsters onto the right career path.

SteppingStones General Manager, Ms Ciara Aspinall, said the company places a high importance on interacting with young people: “Choosing the right career is often a daunting task for young people and so we are delighted to be able to reach out to them at events such as the CIFEC Careers Fair and discuss with them individually how they see their career path developing. The event provides a terrific opportunity for students to gain some broad knowledge about what is available for them career-wise and also gave us the chance to get to know the latest group of young Caymanian talent about to join the workforce.”

A young Caymanian, Emma Lang, also received an internship from the company over the summer, giving her the chance to understand the business of recruitment and training, as well as providing her with general exposure to the office environment.

Milly Serpell, SteppingStones Managing Director, said that Emma embraced the opportunity that was given to her: “We really enjoyed having her work alongside us over the summer,” she confirms. “Emma was able to learn a great deal about how our industry operates and showed maturity and drive. It was a pleasure to have her with us.”

This recent internship was such as success that SteppingStones has committed to take on at least one CIFEC student to intern at the company from October until May of next year.

“As a company committed to assisting young Caymanians within the workplace we are very pleased that we will be able to offer this exciting opportunity to another young person over the coming months,” Mrs Serpell states. “By working with our team they will gain full exposure to the business environment, which gives them an excellent advantage when they come to choosing their own career path, whether that is within recruitment or elsewhere. We are happy to provide that vital link.”

Photo Caption: SteppingStones General Manager, Ciara Aspinall and Managing Director, Milly Serpell, speaking one-on-one to a student at the CIFEC Career Fair.