The Power of Networking

While technology has made it easier to both find jobs and find candidates, it hasn’t replaced the value of face-to-face networking. Job fairs, conferences, meet-ups, and other industry networking events are still the best way to make connections, for recruiters, candidates and clients. Specific industry or event-related networking opportunities are always best.

Recruiters socialize at events to:

  • Network with active job seekers
  • Meet professionals in the industry
  • Identify candidates who are strongly engaged for future hiring purposes
  • Learn more about positions in the field
  • Broaden their industry knowledge


Job seekers tend to attend these types of events to make as many connections as possible with recruiters and professionals in their industry. This is why it is vital for recruiters to always bring at least 15-20 business cards, but remember:

  • to play it cool and don’t act like you’re looking to take advantage
  • networking is all about the relationship
  • ask plenty of questions
  • if you listen you will gain appreciation


After networking events, follow up with the contacts you made while they still have you fresh in their memory.  Schedule a time and date to catch up over a coffee or lunch together and achieve your ultimate recruiting goal!