Lexie Solomon

Lexie, a Caymanian, joined the team in January 2017. She has completed a range of Human Resources and other courses including Employment Pensions Law, Health Insurance, Immigration 101, and Dale Carnegie Leadership Award, obtaining the highest achievement award. Her training and development has helped with her efficient administrative and organizational skills. Lexie is a productive individual who looks at challenges as opportunities to learn which makes the ideal preparation for a career in the Recruitment field. She is currently pursuing her degree in Business Administration and is looking forward to obtaining her Master’s in Business Management. Lexie holds the role of Recruitment Administrator and provides support to the various departments in office. Lexie has a keen attention for detail, strong proofreading and interpersonal skills with an ability to meet deadlines. She appreciates confidentiality and understands where discretion is needed. Lexie enjoys giving back to her community and spends her time reading, exercising, and spending quality time with friends and family.