It is stereo typically renowned that the changing of the weather in the UK is ridiculous. However, it seemingly isn’t half bad. Based on your area of which you choose to reside, it is a slight chance that you may have to deal with the more than average rainfall. Climate? Moderate. During summer, Southern England receives a boat load of sunshine and the temperature can quickly reach 27°C. More rain and very low temperatures are expected in Northern areas of England.

Numerous national parks are seen in the UK and the locals make sure to take advantage of them. Your life in the UK would involve various outdoor sports and leisure activities, such as hiking, cycling, rock-climbing, or kayaking. Beach Holidays for Brits are a must, based on their love for beach huts and the fact that they can endure the stunning beaches on the south coast, particularly in the southwest.

The BBC radio in the UK is the key operation for radio stations located in the United Kingdom and overseas. The most popular radio station by number of listeners is BBC Radio 2, closely followed by BBC Radio 4.

The United Kingdom has no analogue television. A free to air digital service is made up of two chartered public broadcasting companies, the BBC and Channel 4 and two franchised commercial television companies, (ITV and Channel 5). There are five major nationwide television channels: BBC One, BBCTwo, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. Channel 4 is similarly chartered to the BBC, with a remit to provide public service broadcasting and schools programs.

Starting off as IVO, the Do-it Trust is the UK’s national volunteering database that offers a wide variety of volunteering and social actions through evolving technologies of the modern world. For more information, you can go to

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