5 Financial Resolutions for 2017

As we ring in the New Year this weekend, many people will turn their mind to a New Year’s resolution about their career – Katie’s article earlier this week discussed how to go about creating your work-related resolutions for 2017.

For many people, their resolutions may involve pursuing a salary increase in January, either in their current job or by pursuing a new role.

However, for some people who have an increase in compensation as one of their 2017 resolutions, a raise won’t always possible. Perhaps the company isn’t in a position to do so for any number of reasons. Perhaps they work for a company that prefers to offer other ‘benefits’ as part of the total compensation package. Perhaps they want to make a career change and are facing a salary drop as they re-train in a more junior role. Perhaps the perfect job actually pays lower than their current salary, and they face the tough choice of money vs. satisfaction – which sounds like an easy decision, but everyone has bills to pay and it can be a real struggle to choose happiness over cold hard cash for people who have financial responsibilties like a mortgage, study loans or a family to take care of.

If you find yourself in a position where a raise isn’t possible, or just want to increase your savings in 2017, here are some Financial Resolutions for the New Year which may help make the best of your current financial situation.


Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2017 from our SteppingStones family to yours.