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SteppingStones Professional Contract Solutions provides companies with immediate access to suitably skilled and qualified staff as and when they need them.


At SteppingStones we are committed to staying ahead of the growing requirements for professional contract employees and latest employment opportunities, enabling us to provide consistent employment for our contract staff as well as fulfill the requirements of our clients for suitably qualified professionals.

Professional contract employees play a vital role in today’s employment market. Alongside the need to recruit and develop a team of permanent employees, there are many occasions when contract staff may be required. Professional Contract Solutions provides companies with immediate access to suitably skilled and qualified staff as and when they need them.

With our strict screening policies and assessment process, including interviews, testing and extensive reference checks, SteppingStones Professional Contract Solutions ensures all our professional contract employees are a true representation and reflection of SteppingStones. We offer immediate employment contract solutions filling unexpected absences of leave, annual vacation, or maternity leave with little to no notice. Our immediately available candidates range from junior administrative support staff to qualified professionals and everything in between.

Why SteppingStones?

  • We consistently guarantee the highest caliber of professional contract employees through our rigorous screening and assessment of candidates.
  • We provide immediate professional contract solutions when you need them most, eliminating time and costs associated with recruiting staff directly.
  • Our professional contract employees require minimal training and supervision allowing permanent staff members to concentrate on their core job responsibilities.
  • Our commitment to providing a service that continually exceeds expectations. It’s the SteppingStones guarantee.

Charlotte Morrish

Luisa Roberts


Luisa is a Caymanian who has spent the last ten years studying and working abroad in Canada and the UK before moving home to pursue a new career in recruiting. Luisa has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing and has recently completed a Master of Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing.


Don’t believe us?
Believe them.

I would like to start off by saying that it has being an absolute pleasure working with SteppingStones and how lucky I was to have Ms. Luisa on my side through the entire process. I was seeking for a new job opportunity as I was not pleased with the organization I was working for at the time. Ms. Luisa quickly reached out to me and offered a new job vacancy for which we both agreed that it was a perfect fit for me. Before and after my job interviews, Ms. Luisa made it her priority to contact me via telephone and email in order to ensure that I was prepared, had a positive mind set, confident within myself and ready to begin this new journey. I must say, SteppingStones made this journey extremely easy for me and I was able to transition with an open mind. Would I do it again? Absolutely! I highly recommend SteppingStones to all of you who seeking a new career opportunity.

The service I received was exceptional. I really enjoyed working with Charlotte – she was super responsive and easy to get hold of. She always provided honest, sensible advice and I never felt like I was being pressured.

The service I received from SteppingStones was exceptional, particularly the turnaround time and Rosie’s responsiveness, commitment, transparency and positivity. There was absolutely nothing that disappointed me during the recruitment process and I would recommend SteppingStones to my family and friends!

I would definitely recommend SteppingStones. Rosie had a genuine interest in my placement and she continued to be contactable and responsive post-placement, which really stood out to me. Overall I received a very good service which was professional and genuine. Thank you!

Alistair was super helpful with my job search and always presented positions to me that matched my skills and goals. The consistency and timeliness of responses really stood out to me and there was nothing that could have made my experience with SteppingStones better.

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