The easiest way to find accommodation would be through a rental agent. All associated fees and costs are covered by landlord, and you should have a direct on-Island contact with the agents rather than the landlords. All rental agents tend to work with each other, so if you make contact with a reputable agent, they should be able to access all rental accommodations that are available on island.

For your own research, here is a link to Rentals by Cireba Find Rental Properties in the Cayman Islands – Rentals by CIREBA (cirebarentals.com) to see what is available. 

Alternatively, you can also look on EcayTrade to see what is available: Apartments for Rent | EcayTrade.  Note that by doing this, you will be dealing directly with the Landlords so make sure you do your own due diligence before signing any leases.

Normally, most companies including financial, legal, and professional services firms operate from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm, but hours can vary greatly depending on the industry especially within retail, tourism and hospitality.

Our ultimate goal is to place our candidates into permanent roles.

There is no specific timeframe on how long it takes to secure permanent employment, as there are many factors that determine it, including what opportunities are available in the market, how qualified you are, availability of other candidates and clients’ needs and demands.

Temping will give you the opportunity to gain additional experience and to “get your foot in the door”.  Consider each temporary assignment as a ‘long interview’ and go in and impress every single day and you may find yourself with a permanent job offer in a few months.

The Cayman Islands does not have any form of income or payroll tax and the only normal deductions from your salary would be the employee contribution for pension or a medical health insurance scheme both of which are mandatory in the Cayman Islands.

Other significant taxes do include import duty (remember to import all of your possessions within the first 6 months of residency to ensure they are duty free, although this will only be possible if you have a full work permit Grant) and also stamp duty at a rate of 7.5% for most property.

Relocation assistance will vary greatly from employer to employer but generally if you are relocating from overseas a minimum of a one-way airline ticket, one week’s accommodation and one week’s car rental would be included for permanent employment opportunities. Many employers may offer these benefits for 2 or possibly even up to 4 weeks allowing plenty of time for you to find long term rentals and make transport arrangements.

Yes, you can bring your pet to Grand Cayman with a few conditions. The process for importing animals into Cayman is a lengthy one. You will need to start planning at least six months prior to shipment. All dogs and cats entering the Cayman Islands must have an import permit issued by the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture (DOA). Visit these websites which can answer more detailed questions for you. https://caymanresident.com/move/importing-pets/  and http://www.pettravel.com/

There are several companies who can manage the process for you when importing a pet into Cayman. http://www.dogtrainercayman.com/ and http://www.mustlovedogs.ky/

Should you want to get a pet when you are on Island, please adopt from either the ‘Cayman Islands Humane Society’: https://www.caymanislandshumanesociety.com/contact-us/ Or ‘One Dog at a Time’: https://odaat.ky/

Getting on the road in Cayman is not difficult but it is important to ensure that you are legally allowed to drive. Always ensure you bring your original and up to date current driving license and refer to the Cayman Islands Vehicle Licensing Department for guidance. 

Travel to other countries in the Caribbean, North America and Central America and South America is relatively easy with Miami being the central hub. Cayman Airways flies directly to a number of US destinations as well as Honduras, Jamaica and Cuba and Panama at certain times of the year, making long weekend trips to these countries very easy.

Flights to the USA is serviced very well with an ever-growing number of airlines flying directly to New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Charlotte, Boston, Atlanta, and Tampa. At certain times of the year local travel agents and tour companies may arrange charter flights to additional countries and US cities.

Many people are surprised by the amount of traffic for a small Caribbean Island, but we are a large financial services offshore centre with a population of approximately 70,000 people, and therefore the traffic at times can be significant given that the majority of companies are located in and around George Town and Camana Bay. 

The current Government and local industry are working closely together to enhance the road system to help alleviate these traffic delays.

Be mindful of this when you are looking for accommodation and ask around to learn what the traffic is like and what time you should leave in the morning to make sure you can get to work on time. Travel times can be 45 minutes or more, depending on where you live and what time you leave.

The weather is generally glorious with lovely warm sunny days. The hurricane season (1st June – 30th November) can bring storms and significant rainfall all of which the Island is very prepared for.

The drive from West Bay to East End should not take more than an hour and a half, unless you are driving slowly and being distracted by the gorgeous coastline in Bodden Town and Barkers.

Hurricane Season officially starts on 1st June and ends on the 30th of November each year.

Unless you are a Caymanian or Permanent Resident of the Cayman Islands, you will need a work permit, which will need to be granted by WORC (Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman).

If you would like your children and/or spouse to relocate to the Cayman Islands with you, then you must ensure that you request for them to be added onto your work permit application and provide the necessary documents at the time of submission (birth certificates and letter from a school for your children and police clearance certificates, medicals, marriage certificate, COVID Vaccination record for your spouse).

There are many factors to be considered by WORC (previously Immigration) when considering allowing dependents, including the employee’s salary and if it is considered sufficient to comfortably support their dependants on the Island. Another significant consideration is the availability of a place at school (if the children are of school age) and as such you should attach confirmation that your child has a confirmed place at a school to your work permit application.

The Island is very well served by large supermarkets such as Fosters, Kirks and Hurley’s and smaller ones in some more remote parts of the Island. The majority of the produce sold is produced and farmed overseas, however there has been a significant growth and improvement of locally grown produce which you can now find in any one of the supermarkets, at the Market in Camana Bay which runs every Wednesday and at the Farmers Market. The Farmer’s Market is open daily and allows locally produced fruit, vegetables, fruit juices and other local items to be purchased right on the outskirts of George Town.

Most professional services companies will require a business casual dress code allowing for smart long sleeve shirts (ironed or dry cleaned) and pants (suit trousers).

More and more companies on the Island are allowing more casual and comfortable attire during the hot and humid summer months but dress codes still apply.

The Island is relatively safe, but like anywhere in the world you must take precautions to ensure your home, car and personal property is safe and secure. We would not recommend leaving valuables on the beach whilst you go swimming – whilst it is unlikely that you will encounter problems it does occur from time to time.