Executive Recruitment

Our recruiters bring over 60 years collective knowledge and experience finding, placing, and establishing executive level careers.


Executive Recruitment requires discretion and trust that only comes from years of specialised experience.
Through our extensive relationship network, we have placed numerous executive level positions within some of the world’s leading organizations. It takes experts in the field of executive recruiting to uncover opportunities no one else knows exist. Our extensive client network means we hear about positions before they are advertised to the wider community getting you in front of decision makers first.

Our team specialize in the placement of C-Suite level positions bringing in-depth knowledge and experience of numerous industry sectors. This means the person that you deal with will have in-depth knowledge of your sector and be able to provide you with invaluable sector specific advice and guidance. We take the time to understand your qualifications and short and long-term career objectives so we can identify the right organization to achieve your goals and maximise your earning potential on a strictly confidential basis.

Our breadth of expertise spans from start-up businesses to mergers and acquisitions, to growth organizations where C Suite level positions have become vital for the business to be driven forward.

Why SteppingStones?

  • Outstanding Reputation. Named World’s Top employer in 2020, candidates choose SteppingStones because of our outstanding reputation.
  • Client Network. An extensive range of job opportunities from a wide variety of industries are readily available to candidates.
  • Career Progression. We ensure your next role is the right one to progress your career growth.
  • Maximize earning potential. We’re in your corner. We will negotiate compensation and terms to maximize your earning potential.
  • Confidentiality. We will keep your search confidential
  • Dedicated Recruiters. Our recruiters bring over 60 years collective knowledge and experience finding, placing, and establishing professional careers.


Don’t believe us?
Believe them.

I would like to start off by saying that it has being an absolute pleasure working with SteppingStones and how lucky I was to have Ms. Luisa on my side through the entire process. I was seeking for a new job opportunity as I was not pleased with the organization I was working for at the time. Ms. Luisa quickly reached out to me and offered a new job vacancy for which we both agreed that it was a perfect fit for me. Before and after my job interviews, Ms. Luisa made it her priority to contact me via telephone and email in order to ensure that I was prepared, had a positive mind set, confident within myself and ready to begin this new journey. I must say, SteppingStones made this journey extremely easy for me and I was able to transition with an open mind. Would I do it again? Absolutely! I highly recommend SteppingStones to all of you who seeking a new career opportunity.

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