Cayman Transportation

Cars are available to purchase on Island with few restrictions on size. There are many reputable car dealers on Island selling used and new cars.


In the Cayman Islands, most people drive cars. However, you will also see motorcycles, scooters, and bikes. Because traffic laws can vary around the world, it is important for drivers to be fully aware of the laws of Cayman’s roads.

If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle once you arrive in Cayman, you have a few options to consider. You may want to consider purchasing an ex-rental car directly from a rental company. There are also typically many second-hand cars available to buy directly from owners on the Ecaytrade-Auto website who will often be willing to negotiate on price. It is advisable to have the car fully inspected by a mechanic before purchasing. There are also several car dealerships from which you can buy. If you buy from a dealer, it is important to find out if inspection, licensing, and any kind of warranty is available.

Hybrid and electric cars are also available to purchase on-island. There are multiple solar powered charging stations available throughout the island.

Bikes & Scooters

Both bikes and scooters are popular on-island. As with cars, you can find bikes and scooters available from dealers or second-hand on Ecaytrade-Motorcycles. Helmets are required to be worn at all times. If you are already licensed to drive a motorbike in your home country, then it is a simple process to switch over to a Cayman license.

Public Transportation

Cayman has a public bus transport system that connects all districts of the island. There are some bus stops along major roads, but you can also flag down passing buses at any point. Each bus is marked to indicate which route it takes. The main bus depot is situated in central George Town. Although you will find several designated bus stops throughout Cayman, the best way to catch a bus is to simply flag one down from the side of the road! The usual fare if CI$2-$3. Most of the bus routes are along main roads around retail areas, but there are some scheduled buses that run along South Church Street, South Sound Road, Walkers Road, Fairbanks Road, Industrial Park, and Owen Roberts Drive.