5 most likely and unlikely jobs to be replaced by robots

Our world is constantly growing and updating day by day and the real possibility of your job being replaced by a computer or robot is getting greater and greater.  It’s pretty crazy to think that the information students learn in their first year of university could very well be outdated by the time they graduate three years later. According to a study done by researchers at Oxford they estimate that ‘about 47 percent of US employment is at risk of computerization in the next 20 years.’

Below is the list of the top 5 jobs that will most likely be replaced and the top 5 that probably won’t; Take a look to see if you might be at risk!

Top 5 jobs most likely to be replaced by robots:

  1. Insurance Underwriters – Probability of computerization: 99%
  2. Mathematical Technicians – Probability of computerization: 99%
  3. Sewers, Hand – Probability of computerization: 99%
  4. Title Examiners, Abstractors and Searchers – Probability of computerization: 99%
  5. Telemarketers – Probability of computerization: 99%

Top 5 jobs least likely to be replaced by robots:

Most of these jobs require attention to detail, care from a human person and creativity!

  1. Recreational Therapists – Probability of computerization: 0.28% – 12% increase in the demand for this role
  2. First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers – Probability of computerization: 0.3% – 5% increase in the demand for this role
  3. Emergency Management Directors – Probability of computerization: 0.3% – 6% increase in the demand for this role
  4. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers – Probability of computerization: 0.31% – 22% increase in the demand for this role
  5. Audiologists – Probability of computerization: 0.33 % – 29% increase in the demand for this role

Hopefully things won’t change as fast as we think but its super interesting to think about. Always good to be prepared for anything, including a vast career change.