6 ways to overcome your fear of networking

Networking is a fear many people share, some would even say it’s one of the scariest steps of finding a job. Whether it’s getting freaked out by small talk or the fear of forgetting someone’s name, networking can be a scary.

Here are some tips that can help you become a fearless networker:

1. Use the magic of Twitter

If you are not ready to go to in-person networking events, Twitter can be a great resource for connecting with people in your industry.

2. Attend fun networking events

Consider attending networking events such as happy hours hosted by professional organisations, going to an alumni mixer, or getting involved with volunteering opportunities.  There are some fun ways to meet new people without having to stress about networking.

3. Hosting your own networking event

Hosting your own networking is simple – find a local coffee shop or restaurant  and invite a few people to attend.

4.  Avoid networking events altogether

Consider going to conferences, workshops or speaker events where you will meet professionals in your industry.  These events will give you opportunities to make new connections without having to directly focus on networking.

5. Stop the small talk

Shift your focus to learning about the people you meet. Spark conversations with people by asking about their jobs, what they enjoy doing for fun, or why they like their jobs.  These conversations will become more meaningful and you will learn more about the people you meet.

6. Less is more

 You do not need to collect 20 business cards when you go to an event, instead, focus on making one or two strong bonds with the new people you meet – these relationships will become more valuable in the future.

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