Adequately Showcasing Your Skills

According to, Interviews give your potential employer the opportunity to test your abilities and contemplate how you will fit into their existing team. Consequently, it is vital that you are able to showcase your skills and present them in a way that distinguishes you from other applicants. There are a number of simple tips and tricks that will help you out in this regard, such as getting a good night’s rest before the interview, arriving with plenty of time to spare and being just generally being organised. However, you also need to consider the best way to prove you’re the right person for the job. Here we take a look at four of the most important means of achieving this.

Personal presentation

Though presentation may seem like it has little to do with your ability to perform tasks relevant to the job, arriving well-dressed and looking smart shows your employer that you’re organised and committed to the job. Before you reach the interview, make sure you have had time to check your appearance in the mirror and that everything is as it should be.

Prepare examples of key skills

It is all well and good listing off your key skills to the interviewer one by one, but without anecdotal evidence your collection of talents doesn’t really mean much. Try preparing a few pieces of information or past experiences that illustrate just how you’ve used your skills in the past and how they have benefited previous employers.

Communicate directly

Interviewers can tell a lot from the way a person communicates. The way you talk and interact with your interviewer will give them an insight into how confident you are, how you deal with new and difficult situations and how you will fit into the company. Make sure you speak clearly, concisely and with conviction in order to convince them that you have the key communication skills necessary for the job.

The interview starts the moment you walk in the building

Potential employers will not just be using the time spent in the interview room to make a decision. The vast majority of the time they will talk with other members of staff with whom you may have had interactions with in order to form a more rounded opinion. This means that it is best to think of the interview as starting the moment you walk in the building. Making an effort with everyone you meet will not only get you off to a good start with future colleagues but also makes a good impression on the boss.