An Islander New Year

So the year 2014 has come to an end and what better way to celebrate New Year’s eve than on of the world’s best beaches, surrounded by loved ones around a bonfire. This ritual has been going on for years in Cayman as it is the perfect mix for kids, teenagers, and adults to participate. The highlight of the night for me, is that moment when the fireworks goes off at midnight and you see everyone standing together sharing the love, excitement and simply just being thankful for one another and hoping wishing for the best for the upcoming year.

After the fireworks, this is when the families go home and rest up, while the younger crowd stay by the beach with their friends and socialize till early hours off the morning. In most cases, they stay up to watch the sunrise and go for an early swim on the beach, which you would find them saying it’s a way to wake up or just to simply “wash up”.

Now tell me, isn’t this a fun yet islandy way to celebrate the New Year?
Think about it, no need to spend money, make reservations, no dress code and you are more than likely to bump into your own friends there. Compare this to the fancy places where you would have to spend money, make sure if there is any availability and just think about going all out… but then again, it’s up to everyone’s personal preference.

I rather the island way since I don’t need to worry about what shoes to wear (being barefoot along the sandy beach is great) or to get super glammed up- which is a lifesaver!

Hope you all enjoyed your New Year’s celebrations no matter how you spent it. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015!