Back to School Tips – College Edition

Summer has finally come to an end – pack your bags, print off your schedules and don’t be late for your first day! 


7 Simple Tips for the College Student:


#1 Get organized

       –  Plan ahead – Make sure your bag is packed the night before so that it’s ready to grab and go!

       –  Download apps – Apps on your phone such as daily habit tracking and budgeting can keep you focused on get you through the week

       –  Suggested apps: Left to Spend, iHomework, TeuxDeux


#2 Explore Campus

       – New to the school? Take some time to familiarize yourself with the campus – free your mind of the thoughts of getting lost in between classes.

       – Discover the resources available –find the gym, locate the cafeteria, connect with the career center and discover potential internship and employment opportunities

       – Find a quiet study space or study groups – it’s a great way of meeting new people and staying focused at the same time


#3 Avoid distractions

        – Your laptop can often be a distraction while studying, if that’s the case, download an app which blocks you from accessing certain websites (social media, shopping, tv shows).

        – Suggested apps: SelfControl or FocalFilter.


#4 Eat Healthy

        – You need to be adequately nourished to study – skipping meals can throw off your entire routine.

        – Although an easy option, try to avoid the pizza, burgers and fries in the cafeteria. 


#5 Sleep Well

        – Try to get at least between 6-8 hours of sleep each night

        – It may be difficult to get a good night sleep when you have assignments due, tests to study for and taking on extra shifts at your job – but if you plan ahead, you can make it happen!

        – Try to avoid pulling all-nighters – prioritize and avoid procrastination


#6 Exercise

        – Join a fitness club

        – Find an accountability partner; a workout partner who you can rely on to keep you motivated and help you make the best decisions, even on those early mornings

        – Sign up for an intramural sport – with a league-organized game schedule, you can easily plan your workouts with the rest of your week

        – Take a jog or walk around campus


#7 Create and maintain balance

        – Find a healthy balance between school, work and your social life

        – Don’t stretch yourself too thin


“Success is achieved and maintained by those who try, and keep trying”