Balancing Work & Life

Sometimes finding that elusive work/life balance can be a real struggle.

We work 5 days a week and get 2 days off; where is the balance in that? I recently watched a short video by the entrepreneur and forward thinker himself, Richard Branson, about how to juggle work & life.

He said a few interesting things;

“I’ve never thought of work and play as separate”

-I think if you love your job and can have an “absolute blast” and have a lot of fun doing what you do every day then it’s easier to balance work & life. Work doesn’t end up feeling like a chore and you don’t feel like you’re missing out on life.

“Art of Delegation”

-As a business owner, delegation is very important. As Richard says, if you find people to do the job for you, you free some time up for yourself. This is the same for everyone at different levels in the company. If you don’t run the company you still have the ability to delegate, even if it’s a small task, which can inevitably free yourself up to get your job done and live life.


-Some people think that more time in the office means you’re working harder and things get done. This is not always the case. You can become “unproductive.” Managers and employees alike, should be flexible. Leave the office for lunch, take that hour. Work from home for a day. We now have mobile phones are we’re able to work and be contacted all the time. It gives us freedom. Find that balance.

-By being a flexible employer, you can help breed creativity in your workers. You can allow your employees the time off they need to be with their families for example; even if it’s a full month. When they come back, guaranteed they’ll be a better worker.

“Virgin Corporate Day”

-This is when Virgin employees come in at 930am, leave at 530pm. They wear suits and ties and are not able to use their phone or the internet for personal use. Employees must address people as Sir, Mr. or Mrs. (Sound familiar?) And of course, people hated it. Employees appreciate that they can work in a more relaxed environment if they choose. I think more companies should offer more relaxed options if able. It just shows you what people want. Going back to the above, flexibility means creativity.

Work/Life balance can be hard to find but if you like your job and are proud of who you work for then the balance should come.

For the full video, please see the below link.

If you’re struggling with your current work/life balance, maybe you need a change? If you’ve ever thought about moving to the Caribbean, where balance seems obtainable, then contact me today.